Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shake your Caudipteryx!

In all the swirling tumult of the last few months, I somehow neglected to share a recent piece of merchandise I made available in my paleo-themed design shop, Orogenic Design. You'll recognize the illustration if you indulged in the ART Evolved gallery of Feathered Dinosaurs in February. It's good ol' Caudipteryx, the little fan-tailed oviraptorosaur of the Early Cretaceous Yixian formation in China. A decidedly cartoony take on the critter, available on all manner of tee shirt sizes. Plus, it's complete with a pun that will gain the wearer puzzled glances from normal folks and instant fistbumps from fellow paleo nerds who are hip to the etymology of the genus.

Shake Your Caudipteryx

This is only meant to be a pun, and not intended in any way to make light of the possibility that Caudipteryx suffered from osteoarthritis, which would have made such activity rather painful.

You may recall that in January I launched the shop with a big line of "I left my heart" tees dedicated to various geological periods. Since then, I have made the shirts available in black, and added my current favorite dinosaur, or at least ornithischian, to the mix.

I left my heart in the Cretaceous

Diabloceratops, of course. I'm planning on Prestosuchus for the Triassic to complete the Mesozoic era, but I'm not sure when that will happen. If you do have a few spare monetary units burning a hole in your wallet and happen to buy a shirt, take a photo of yourself wearing it and I'll totally share it here!


  1. I'm definitely getting one of your shirts one day.

  2. I might just have to paint a Caudipteryx and title it that...


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