Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Splendidly Adorned Deinonychus

About a month ago, I shared one of Paul Heaston's recent pieces in a Mesozoic Miscellany post, an ink drawing of Yangchuanosaurus. Lately, he's been uploading new color versions of his illustrations, including this beautiful Deinonychus. Head over to his set of dinosaur artwork and enjoy more of his reconstructions. If you want to see his dinosaurs in person, head to San Antonio, Texas, where he works for Dinosaur Quest.

deinonychus color
Illustration by Paul Heaston, via Flickr.

For more of Paul's work, follow him at Three Letter Word for Art and take a nice, long look at his really impressive portfolio.


  1. Thanks for the feature! Thought I'd pad out the comments to make myself feel better. :)

  2. There's some really beautiful stuff there.

    His Tyrannosaurus is to die for.(for some reason I'm really impressed by its feet!)


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