Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Les Vacances Fantastiques

One of the most dependable blogs in my Google Reader design and illustration folder is Agence Eureka, which collects old and obscure French children's literature, textbooks, and activity books. To regular LITC readers, it's not so surprising that I'd be so smitten with this sort of stuff.

The latest post features illustrations from the title Les Vacances Fantastiques, written and illustrated by Guy Sabran. The story involves the Casseboufige brothers getting into some hi-jinks with underground dinosaurs. They look like weird sauropods with facial fins. Head over to Agence Eureka to check it out. It wouldn't hurt to hit the "follow" button or add it to your RSS feed-o-matic of choice. Here are a couple sneak peaks, from the Agence Eureka flickr photostream.

casseboufigue p1

casseboufigue p20

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