Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Was Really Missing From JP3

Jurassic Park 3, most of us are aware, is not without its flaws. One you don't hear much is the lack of sexy. Still, one enterprising fanfiction writer is working hard to fix that. Taking place immediately after the events of the film is "Soliloquy," a tale of the romance between paleontologist Alan Grant and his student, Billy. Here's a peek:
“Alan?” Alan’s sigh, which was a bit hindered by Billy half-draped over his chest, escaped before he could stop it. He ran his palm over the scar, then leaned down and kissed Billy’s forehead where two thinner, shorter white lines cut across his skin. Billy caught his mouth when he pulled back, using the hand still in Alan’s hair to hold him in place, pressing their lips together warmly and smoothly but only for a too-brief moment. He still held him there, their breaths mingling, until Alan’s eyes slid open again. “Alan.”

I bet this sort of thing happens a lot in the science community. Read the rest!

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