Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My wife recently returned home from a thrift store with a really special treat for me: Dinomite, the dinosaur adventure game for dinosaur lovers.

I was so ready to just rip this one apart. It has it all! A Charles Knight Laelaps redrawn as Allosaurus! A suspiciously brachiosaurid Diplodocus! A mishmash of extinct creatures that aren't dinosaurs, including cavemen! A back-of-the-box blurb that refers to "Stone Age Dinosaurs!" I was so ready to write up the cattiest board game review in the history of catty board game reviews. It's a long and storied history, trust me.

Then, after a quick check of the googles, I found out that Joshua White, the man credited with creating the game, wasn't a man at all. He was a little boy. A little boy who was bored one rainy day, so he decided to create his own board game.
Fine, Joshua White. You're a kid (well, you were a kid). I guess I can't rip you too badly. Mostly, I wonder what's become of you. What do you do to follow up getting a board game published at nine years old?

More importantly, my game is missing two playing pieces. Can you hook me up with a couple more? I have a feeling I'm in for some long nights of heated Dinomite competition with 1-5 of my closest friends.


Trolls get baleted.

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