Friday, August 7, 2009

Save a Triceratops, Ride a Cowboy

That old Merle Travis* tune is running through your head, and as you drive down a rural Kentucky highway on your way to meet some good friends, it seems pretty accurate: You take a K and an E, an N and a T, a U and a C-K-Y; that spells Kentucky, but it means paradise. The moon is fat and bright, and all around you is the chorus of thousands of insects searching for a choice reproductive partner. Yup, ol' Merle had something there.

Then, a truck passes in the other lane. Carrying this:

Photo via Pharyngula

A few explanations pop into your head:
  1. Someone made out real good at the Neverland auction.
  2. City slickers need to be mighty careful at livestock auctions.
  3. I've missed the annual Lawn Ornament Exposition and Trade Show. Again!
  4. LARPers have seized upon Dinotopia. Finally.
The truth, however, is that the Creation Museum, in anticipation of today's visit from a swarm of scientists, decided it might be best to move out its most laughable example of grafting dinosaurs into their young-earth model of natural history. Maybe they were afraid that someone might deface their star attraction. You know, the way they deface our country's star attraction: science. More at PZ Myer's Pharyngula!

UPDATED! Apparently, my guess was wrong:
PZ Myers Riding the Dino
PZ Myers, Trikerider. via islanddave @ flickr

*I love me some Merle Travis, one of the great country guitarists of all time and a multi-talented dude, but I have to admit a certain gleeful sense of vengeance at using one of his tunes in a post mocking young-earthers... the one thing he's done that really gets under my skin is a song in which he derides evolution by saying something along the lines of "if you believe that monkey story, I'd rather be the monkey than you." Now we're even, Merle.

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