Friday, July 31, 2009


I am not a tattoo dude. There are plenty of reasons that people like marking their skin. While I understand the desire, none of the reasons are worth the procedure or its permanence of its results. But I suppose that if I was of the tattooing persuasion, I would do something like this:


A pachycephalosaur and (Flickr Image since removed by user) a Protoceratops couple. Admirable in that they're not the classic five or six dinos. The only problem with this approach is that as paleontologists make further discoveries, I might be stuck with an obsolete piece of paleoart on my skin. Not attractive. It might be best to play it safe, like these folks:



I think my ideal dinosaur tattoo would be something like a Troodon on my tummy, and my chest hair would be a cute little hairdo. I would also need to solve the problem of growing hair on my chest.

Also: Face to face with dinosaurs, via virtual reality - Video from Scientific American. It looks like a big ViewMaster toy. Speaking of which...

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